Protect Yourself with Ballistic Body Armour Vest

Bulletproof Vest

Hard Shell manufactures a wide variety of bullet proof vest in a various configurations including : ballistic, stab-resistant, impact resistant and flotation. All ballistic vest are tailor made to achieve maximum comfort, coverage and conceal ability. We continues to create advanced ballistic vest using new high – tech material in order to protect you against the special challenges of the custody environment.

Hard Shell makes ballistic vest to satisfy the needs of soldiers who are constantly working under threat. All ballistic vest manufactured by Hard Shell are available in a wide variety of colours, fabrics and threat levels.

Bulletproof Vest

Hard Shell prides itself on the ability to work with Law Enforcement officers in developing ballistic vest that provides enhanced protection and comfort. We offers ballistic vest of NIJ IIIA standard, plus increased fragmentation protection . The protection levels are set by selecting the modules in use and the ballistic elements according to needed ballistic standard and threat level. Vest can reach NIJ Level IV using the hard armor plates Our range of bulletproof vests are designed for users who operate in areas of increased threat and who require a much greater area of body protection.
We offer large range of ballistic vest guarantees the most suitable protection with maximum comfort and mobility. Using the most advanced technology with highest quality materials, we provide a range of high performance ballistic vest which allow for unrivalled protection in a variety of hostile environment . We are always committed to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our ballistic vest.

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