Know L IV Bulletproof Vest

Before purchasing Level IV bulletproof vest you have to knowledge about that how does a bulletproof vest works for you to decide to purchase that level of body armor. Level IIIA vest is made of soft body armor but it can be upgraded to level IV in conjunction with hard armor. Basically there are two types of body armor: Hard armor and Soft armor. Hard body armor means to plates or tiles which are made of ballistic steel or ceramic. Hard body armor is much powerful than soft body armor – only hard armor having the capacity to conquer rifle calibre ammunition and some other types of ammunition.

However, hard armor is heavier than soft armor but it is only having the ability of covering vital areas of the wearer – the heart and lungs etc.  But on other hand it’s impossible to make, a bulletproof vest or full body suit of hard armor, also it is difficult to wear.  The hard armor is used in conjunction with soft body armor to stop the bullets.


Soft body armor is lighter, pliable and comfortable to wear. However, it have less capacity to stop the bullets and it can only stop pistol calibre ammunition, and usually only from pistols. While a soft armor vest can be constructed in order to defeating high velocity pistol ammunition, but in that case the vests will become much thicker and heavy.

How the Hard Body Armor Protects us:-

1. Ceramic plates are engineered and designed in the way it can stop rifle rounds and armor-piercing rounds which contains penetrating steel pins within the bullet. Plates are especially engineered by binding a layer of ceramic to the hard armor panel which is made of several layers of ballistic material swaddle in a fabric covering.

2. When the bullet strikes the plate, the hard armor ceramic strike face starts to break up the bullet while the inner ballistic material begins to assimilate the energy of the perforation.

3. The round remains to smash apart as the ballistic material extricate the energy, decelerating the projectile and catching the fragments while limiting the effect of blunt trauma and the injury caused by an impacting bullet.

While a plate might stop a bullet but it’s not must that the wearer will be not injured afterwards. There is still the chance to be hurt due to lot of energy being transferred into the hard armor and wearer. Hard armor plate can help mitigate some of this force and minimising the chance of severe injury.If you have decided to purchase level IV body armor, you must need to collect the complete drill as well as the pros and cons.

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