VIP Body Armour- Best Concealable Protection

VIP Under VestIn today’s world, death-dealing force is not limited to the battlefields alone; we are constantly under a variety of criminal threats of varying degrees in our day-today lives.

Some jobs demand a secretive approach to security. Whether we’re in simple clothes at a public event or providing personal protection for a VIP, wearing a heavy vest over the clothes will obviously give us away. It is always good to wear covert ballistic vest which is thinner and lightweight.  This vest usually features moisture-wicking fabrics to keep the wearer cool over prolonged wear.

Concealable bullet proof vests are especially designed as light-weight and comfortable and called ‘soft body armour’.  It is very rare to find any concealable vest feature front and rear pockets for additional hard armor plates as overt body armor. These vests are ideal to the persons who are constantly under threat and require protection such as VIPs, VVIPs, business tycoons, political people etc. VIP Body Armour is must for every person who is serving the country under continuous life-threats.

Hard Shell offers VIP vest made using the advanced fiber-fabric which is capable of providing ballistic protection. HS-VIP vest is designed in such way that it provides maximum protection and flexibility and also ensures the good ventilation of the body. It also provides a snug fit and is thus ideal to wear under normal clothes.

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